Hengtian is a technology services company in Hangzhou, China, created in 2004 as an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology (a Global Outsourcing 100 Company) and Zhejiang University. We provide offshore and onshore technology development, research and consulting services. Hengtian has been certified for compliance with ISO270001 and CMMI level 5.

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Hengtian is a technology services company created in 2004 as an alliance among State Street Corporation, Insigma Technology (a Global Outsourcing 100 Company) and Zhejiang University (A Top Three University in China). We provide offshore and onshore technology development, research and consulting services.

We build long-term, trusted relationships around the world by making our clients successful.

Hengtian strives to apply its deep domain knowledge and extensive technical capabilities to our global clients such as State Street, DST, IFDS, Princeton Financial Systems, Honda, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, Toshiba, SanDisk and many others. Our clients are located in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and other parts of the world. In China, our clients include Alibaba, The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, The Agricultural Bank of China, and The China Foreign Exchange Trading System, among many others.

Hengtian is a global company with headquarters in Hangzhou, China and subsidiaries in Boston, MA, USA, and Shanghai and Hefei, China. Hengtian has been certified for compliance with ISO27001 and CMMI level 5.

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Vision and Mission

Core Values

  • Client Success We take responsibility for meeting our clients'requirements and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients surpass the competition.
  • Service Capability We constantly work to develop state-of-the-art technological and industrial solutions and to advance our professional service capabilities.
  • Employee Development We strive to empower our employees, as their knowledge and experience is largely responsible for our high quality of service.


  • To make information systems simpler Based on our years of service experience, we focus on providing a set of standardized and specialized solutions to significantly improve the efficiency of information system construction.
  • To make financial activities easier We aim to deliver easy to use and well-engineered financial information systems to our clients by providing efficient and professional solutions and products.


Our mission is to generate value for our clients through our core competencies, to create an atmosphere that encourages the growth of our employees, and to use our resources to promote prosperity in our community.

Value Proposition

Since 2004, we have brought success to our clients around the world by providing trusted technology solutions. Our offshore and onshore technology development, research and consulting services have been developed by our extensive capacity and large pool of capable resources, solidified by our experience in working with State Street Corporation and Insigma Technology, and enhanced by our University affiliation.

Hengtian surpasses other offshore outsourcing companies in the following ways:

Deep Domain Knowledge

Hengtian has accumulated deep domain knowledge in the financial industry by delivering projects to State Street Corporation as both a strategic partner and an equity owner. Hengtian has extended its domain knowledge to cover banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, telecommunication, e-commerce, and manufacturing, while expanding its capacities in mobile platforms and cloud infrastructure.

Hengtian strives to apply its domain knowledge to its global clients such as State Street, DST, Princeton Financial Systems, Honda, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, Toshiba in the U.S., U.K./Ireland, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world, in addition to our clients in China, including Alibaba, The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, The Agricultural Bank of China, and The China Foreign Exchange Trade System.

Predictable Delivery and Effective Cost Management

Hengtian's co-sourcing model surpasses the traditional outsourcing model in various ways. With co-sourcing, we provide a team of dedicated employees and specialized resources to ensure long-term results for our clients. We use a team structure that corresponds to that of the client, from senior managers to engineers, in order to provide transparent and efficient communication.

Furthermore, our software Quality Assurance (QA) team applies proven methodologies and constantly works to ensure that our products and services, people, and process are of the best quality. Our unique Advanced Consulting Services (ACS) group achieves our scale of economy by leveraging company-wide experiences, enforcing best-practice processes, and providing clients with big-picture recommendations and advice. Reliably and cost-effectively, Hengtian provides technical services in application development, reengineering, software quality assurance and testing, mobile, cloud migration, and other IT solutions.

Highly Professional Project Governance

In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, Hengtian's service models include program delivery, on-site service, and integrated service. Having served clients worldwide over the past decade, Hengtian's Project Management Office (PMO) has established a highly professional project governance process with procedures, tools and templates to ensure that every project is high quality, within budget, and on time.

Access to a Broad Skill Base through University Affiliation

Hengtian's affiliation with Zhejiang University, a world-class research university in China with a century-long tradition in engineering and science, ensures Hengtian's access to a large talent pool and a broad skill base, as well as to advanced technology research labs on campus.

Hengtian further attracts senior IT talent from companies such as Alibaba and Motorola, as well as others in IT-centric cities around China.

Extensive Capacity and Large Pool of Highly Capable Resources

Hengtian has a highly qualified and rapidly-growing workforce, of which 20 percent have Master's degrees or higher in computer science or related majors. Hengtian's management team has devised a long-term, multi-faceted human resources strategy to meet the increasing demands of clients. Built in collaboration with Zhejiang University, our human resources model has proven successful in expanding both the bandwidth and skill sets of our teams, and is the key to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality service.

Technology Research Lab Capability

One of Hengtian's differentiators is its affiliated Center of Technology and Business Innovation (COTBI), which helps our clients to access top research labs at Zhejiang University. Our client-sponsors from the financial services, healthcare and technology industries have worked with Hengtian and Zhejiang University professors on cutting-edge research for dynamic, global, and information intensive organizations.

Applying Our Knowledge of the China Market to Benefit Clients

To our global clients, China is a promising market just waiting to be tapped. Many of our clients have already benefited from Hengtian's intimate knowledge of the China market. China's financial institutions, for example, are quick to adopt the latest information technologies, frog leaping some of their global counterparts, a phenomenon that represents tremendous opportunity for global financial institutions.

Furthermore, Hengtian's parent company, Insigma Technology, is a leading technology service provider in the China banking, insurance and security industries that ranked in the top 25 of "Global Outsourcing 100" by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals in2013-2014. Hengtian offers its global clients unmatched access to the China market through the long-term relationships that Insigma and Zhejiang University have established with the regulatory entities and the major players in various industries.

Select Clients


IGS (Insigma Global Services Ltd.)

IGS (Insigma Global Services Ltd.) is a professional global supplier providing software outsourcing services. It is one of the Insigma group members, which plays the key role of dealing software outsourcing business with companies from global market. Aiming to be the leading IT service supplier for global IT outsourcing services, IGS capitalizes on its professional software technologies and research abilities, and soon built partnerships with several World Top 500 companies from Japan, United States and other countries. We possess full capabilities in application development, legacy system reengineering, porting & migration, advanced research & development, technical support services, testing & quality assurance and advanced IT consulting services. From now on, we will try our best to make great progress in the Global IT outsourcing Service Industry.

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang University was founded in 1897 as one of the earliest tertiary institutions in China and is now considered to be one of the top three universities in the country. Hengtian is closely affiliated with the university's College of Computer Science and Technology. The college was founded in the early 1960's and currently has two faculty members of the China Academy of Engineering, two professors of the Cheung Kong Scholar Program set up by the National ministry of Education, 40 professors, and 82 associate professors. It also has 292 doctoral and post-doctoral students, 713 master's students, and 2000 undergraduates. Currently, the predominant portions of research and development teams in Hengtian are from the university, which serves as the primary talent pool for Hengtian.

Chesapeake Benefit Partners

Chesapeake Benefit Partners is a specialist staffing and recruiting firm that has for many years provided high quality staffing support to clients in the technology and pension servicing industries. CBP is based in Columbia, MD and has clients located throughout the contiguous United States. Through our partnership with CBP, we are able to provide our clients with skilled and highly effective technical and project management staff in support of technology development, project integration or program management requirements. We very often find that clients benefit from having access to quality onshore technical and management support and CBP is well equipped to provide these resources. We encourage you to visit for more information on CBP and its Principals.


Neotys is the leader in easy-to-use, cost effective stress and load testing tools for RIAs. Since 2005, Neotys has helped over 1,000 customers in more than 60 countries enhance the reliability, performance and quality of their applications. The NeoLoad load testing solution for RIAs, offers best-in-class capabilities, flexibility and efficiency with infinite scalability from the cloud, while providing pertinent analyses and full support for all new technologies including Flex, LCDS and RTMP. All this is backed by a dedicated team of Neotys professional services and support to ensure your success. Please visit .

Management Team

Bo Zhou

President and Chief Executive Officer,Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd.

Vice President, Insigma Technology Co., Ltd.

Robert R.Williams

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd.

Former Executive Vice President of the Asia Pacific / Latin American Division of State Street Corporation

Shanping Li

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Zhongdong Huang

Senior Vice President and HR Director, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Karym Murphy

Managing Director, Hengtian Services LLC, which represents the US expansion of Insigma Hengtian Software Ltd.

Albert Ma

Chief Innovation Officer, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Jianjing Yang

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Jian Wang

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Wei Shi

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Xiaochun Zhu

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Jun Chen

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

xiaoyan han

Vice President, Insigma Hengtian Software, Ltd.

Our Boston Office

Our US office, Hengtian Services LLC (HTS) was formed in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts, to extend Hengtian's trusted technology solutions and consulting services to clients in North America and around the globe.

HTS provides technology research and software development services, with a tight focus on quality and predictability of results and costs. HTS focuses on best practices directed and dedicated to our fellow employees, clients and community. The reason HTS can do this is because of process driven business models, global resource base and world class R&D.

Robert R.Williams

Chairman, Hengtian Services LLC.

Former Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific/Latin America Investor Services, State Street Corporation

Karym Murphy

Karym Murphy is Managing Director for Hengtian Services LLC.

Ms. Murphy is responsible for the general company operations.

Albert Ma

Albert Ma is the Managing Director of Technology for Hengtian Services LLC.

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